It's (S)Hell [not BP] in the Niger Delta

Amnesty International put together this spot ad to remind the public that while the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill (read our breakdown on it) is bad, it pales in comparison to the ongoing exploitation in the Niger Delta, led by Shell.

The investigation into Shell's involvement in Niger Delta oil spills seems to suggest that the recent tactic of boycotting BP gas stations might not be focused on the heart of this issue:

[...] In fact, more oil is spilled from the delta's network of terminals, pipes, pumping stations and oil platforms every year than has been lost in the Gulf of Mexico [...] With 606 oilfields, the Niger delta supplies 40% of all the crude the United States imports and is the world capital of oil pollution. Life expectancy in its rural communities, half of which have no access to clean water, has fallen to little more than 40 years over the past two generations. [...] "There are more than 300 spills, major and minor, a year [...] It happens all the year round. The whole environment is devastated. The latest revelations highlight the massive difference in the response to oil spills. In Nigeria, both companies and government have come to treat an extraordinary level of oil spills as the norm." [...] Estimates put spill volumes in the Niger delta among the worst on the planet, but they do not include the crude oil from waste water and gas flares. Companies [and governments?] such as Shell continue to avoid independent monitoring and keep key data secret.