New Rap Order / "Order to Asymbol" {short film}

The music video concept has gotten kind of stale recently. I mean, there's the school of thought that wants to make music videos into works of art fit for fancy art galleries, but if you're not always feeling that there aren't too many alternatives out there aside from a 3-4 minute illustration for a song you've probably already heard.

Brooklyn's New Rap Order under the video direction of Mu Gadu and A. Seel have come through here with a fresh concept -- take all of their flagship artists (Faro Z, Gif, SupaNova, King Guttah 1st, Cavalier and MC K-Swift) and create one video. But not just one video for one song on which all of them feature on, but one video composed of their individual music videos from their individual songs. Better still, link the videos together through a narrative that shows the interaction between each emcee at the beginning and end of their segment.

The result is 14 minutes of your time that you wish might have lasted longer. This is the Brooklyn Renaissance they speak of. Creatively speaking, this is on some Wu-Tang x Voltron x Power Rangers shit. In other words, fresh. No fancy sponsors, just homegrown talent and creativity unified. Listen up.

Featured tracks:
Faro-Z - "Calm & Humble"
Gif - "Out The Ghetto"
Supanova - "A Cautionary Tale"
King Guttah The 1st - "Let The Beat Drop"
Cavalier - "Eye See You"
MC K-Swift - "Alternative Progress"