The Black Girl Project [trailer]

The media has bombarded us with images and stories of black women as either victimizers or victims. The narrative goes something like this: black women are victimized by legions of underachieving black men who seek any opportunity to abandon them or do them harm. After much grief and heartache at the hands of black men, they raise their standards to the point where they will reject any black man who isn’t dual degreed and pulling in a six figure salary.

The dearth of “eligible” black men leads black women to conclude that they must explore their options i.e. date white men. And with that realization, the journey from victim to victor is complete. Educator and filmmaker Aiesha Turman attempts to paint a more nuanced and complex picture of black girlhood and womanhood in her new documentary, The Black Girl Project. It will make its debut on Friday, August 27th at the Spike Lee Screening Room at Long Island University in Brooklyn.