Faro-Z: Afro-Cuban Linx [mp3s]

Kings vs. N----s

Live From Planet Earth alumni and New Rap Order member Faro-Z is back with his debut LP Only Built For Afro-Cuban Linx. Although his last EP Faro-Z Is My Favorite Rapper was quality, this Afro-Cuban project blows it out the water. If you're looking for intentional, skilled lyricism over a mix of headnod and boogiedown production, look no further.

Congi Swagga

Jason Reynolds calls Faro a conscious emcee who "brings the grit and grime of the New York City street to his music as well. A true representative of Black Brooklyn...

... A blue collar, hardbody emcee. No frills. No strings. No gimmicks. Just a pen hand that weighs a ton... He makes it a point to make all new listeners, instant believers... he works to keep the arc of his album tight, and its title true... a task most emcees have a hard time with -– creating a cohesive project without filler. Faro-Z shines in the face of such a laborious task... It’s more than just a lyrical showcase. It’s more of a nod to the past, an experimental push for cross-culturalism in hip-hop’s future, boundless music-making, and a challenge... maybe even a check, to his fellow emcees to work harder and think bigger."

The Sunman


Brooklyn Black Generals


Calm and Humble

La Palabra




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