Skid Row [short film]

Viewer beware: Brady Westwater, author of the yet-to-be-released "Radical Pragmatism; A Rx for Los Angeles 101 Ways to Fix a Broken City" has this to say about the creator of this film, Sam Slovick:

/////"Below you will find a copy of my post exposing not just Sam Slovick's previous lies about Skid Row -- but also how when he had a chance to publicly support (in the LA Weekly article) a program to get kids off of Skid Row -- he instead lied about the program's existence(among many other things) to make himself look better. He is the very worst kind of poverty pimp; someone who exploits the homeless to promote himself and his career, no matter how much damage he does to their lives." (read more)/////

Nevertheless, it's a well-enough produced short documentary to be a starting point for folks to get to know about Skid Row in Los Angeles and use as a jump off point for conversations on poverty, housing and homelessness.