The SpeakEasy movement

Mentioned New Rap Order a while back when they dropped their Wu-Tang style video showcasing the group's individual talent in a united front.

On the side, the group has been hosting "Speakeasy" gatherings around New York City to build and support the creative community. The gatherings bear a similar energy to the Live From Planet Earth movements. The SpeakEasy has been a monthly event held in living rooms around the city, with the location rotating boroughs each month.

One of the event's hosts, New Rap Order emcee Cavalier, described a recent session with this: "Art, music, and merriment. And always a surprise or two. We ask nothing but your positive energy. Come as you are. Anything we ask will not be much. It's the SpeakEasy tradition. Nothing is required other than a good vibe, a private place, amazingly beautiful people and a collective desire to make this life a beautiful one to be shared."