Tamar Kali [ep/mp3s]

Geechee Goddess Hardcore Warrior Soul (download)

In addition to the free EP, Brooklyn-based vocalist Tamar Kali recently released her LP Black Bottom. As far as hardcore music goes, she's already queen of the hill. "Warrior Bones" and "Pearl" (below) are two stunning tracks, and represent the artist at her best. The official synopsis of the LP says it well:

/////"Tamar-kali travels a lonely road of independence that finds many artists of her caliber overworked and under-appreciated. Her album title is no mere piece of alliteration, but a reflection of where she found herself after a particularly disheartening period. The cathartic, orgasmic emotion Tamar-kali brings with every song leaves her peerless... As she says in... "Warrior Bones," "These warrior bones ache for revolution/ but the people ain't ready"... for warriors and lovers alike, the thrill of the unexpected makes her music all the more necessary."/////

Warrior Bones


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