Jay-Z: "Most Kingz" [mp3]

A peak inside Jay-Z's ego reveals musings on rat racing and modern day American Idol-like kingship and crucifixion, inspired by the Jean-Michel Basquiat painting above in which the artist painted, "MOST YOUNG KINGS GET THEIR HEADS CUT OFF".

Bilal's song "Think It Over" on his recently released Airtight's Revenge album touches on this idea of "assassination", albeit under the umbrella of romantic love and intimate power struggles, evoking powerful collective imagery of broader power struggles: "stepped out, on the balcony/ and the world took me out." No way around it, sustained vulnerability is sacrifice. Now, the value of sacrifice? ... I'll save that for the comments section.

I wonder, did Jay choose to simply ignore another line Basquiat painted in this piece relating to the monetary value of spiritual crowns: "HALOES FIFTY NINE CENT"? Below is the track and a recent interview in which he further explores and explains the lyrics.

Most Kingz