Justice On Trial [trailer]

From the creators; Iranian-born director Kouross Esmaeli and Johanna Fernandez Ph.D (currently teaching 20th-century America, the political economy of American cities and African-American history at CUNY Baruch College ):

"Justice on Trial navigates the tempest of the Abu-Jamal trial by reviewing the known facts of the case. It demonstrates that the major violations in the Abu-Jamal case -- judicial bias, prosecutorial misconduct, racial discrimination in jury selection, police corruption and tampering with evidence to obtain a conviction -- are not special to this case.

"Instead, they are commonly practiced within the criminal justice system and account for the disproportionate incarceration of African Americans and Latinos in the United States. The case of Mumia Abu-Jamal is a microcosm of greater problems in the criminal justice system in the United States today. The attention that its many violations have received make the Abu-Jamal case one of the most important civil rights cases of our time."

Screens September 21st in Philly.