Cody Chesnutt [audios]

Met Cody Chesnutt at a concert in a church once. They served beer in the lobby. It was the most intimate, about-the-music experience I've ever witnessed. It's no wonder he stays on a slow burn with his release schedule: you have to live a lot of life to testify so intimately (hint, hint Lauryn Hill fans). Chesnutt is one of the most honest, vulnerable artists of this generation. That he's in tune enough with the narrative of the times (what I'll hastily quantify as the "year the great recession officially ended") to release a track called "Come Back Like Spring" this year seems like no coincidence to me. After witnessing dude perfecting testimony on stage in a church bouncing back and forth between guitar, piano, microphone -- clad in a silk robe, talking the audience through his inspiration for each new experimental musical direction before displaying a mastery of it, live -- I'm a believer.

Do Better

Come Back Like Spring