Cry of a dreamer

At first glance, The Sylvers seem like That 70's Show meets the Cosbys. Kinda cookie-cutter in style and typical in image. After looking much deeper of course, The Sylvers actually boast several classic tracks of the previously sampled and not-yet-sampled kind.

"No Future," a collaborative effort from 9th Wonder and Buckshot, is enough to get any hip-hop head to nod, at the minimum. But part of the song's appeal (aside from Buckshot) is the production, courtesy of 9th Wonder. "No Future" also contains a sample of "Even This Shall Pass Away," by The Sylvers, a song released on their album The Sylvers III (1974).

Comprised of ten brothers and sisters, The Sylvers released their first album in 1972. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, the group went on to have some of the same experiences mirrored by other family-based music groups. A solo break-away or two. A primary song-writing member, who later goes on to write for other well known artists. Et cetera.

And yet, what's really amazing is that this somewhat obscure group of singers could create a song like "Cry of a Dreamer" without much notice from the rest of the world while they're doing it. Released on The Sylvers II (1973), "Cry of a Dreamer" is a beautiful tribute to the Dreamers of the world. The more you listen, the more you are inspired. While the song is unimposing, the theme is prominent: self-determination, even when you are disheartened or feeling defeated. Even when no other person seems to see the vision at the time.

"Cry of a Dreamer" is an honest reflection, full of the joys and challenges of the Dreamer:

"What was an airplane before it was built? A dream that one day man would fly... What was a rocket ship before it was built? A dream that one day man would walk the moon."

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Originally Posted 11/22/2010