Kwame Ture / Self-Determination

Kwame Ture on Self-Determination
by Robert Bland (Intern, The Liberator Magazine)

"How do we raise the questions of poverty? The assumptions of this country is that if someone is poor, they are poor because of their own individual blight, or they weren’t born on the right side of town; they had too many children; they went in the army too early; or their father was a drunk, or they didn’t care about school, or they made a mistake. That’s a lot of nonsense. Poverty is well calculated in this country. It is well calculated, and the reason why the poverty program won’t work is because the calculators of poverty are administering it. That's why it won't work."
-Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), 1966

There is a considerable amount of intellectual work that still needs to be done on understanding the collapse of the Post-WWII Democratic coalition, especially with regards to how various groups within the American left envisioned the strengths and weaknesses of the War on Poverty.

Do you think the specter of the 1960s still informs our current political battles?