Nicholas Ryan Gant [audios]

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Sometimes an artist's character and energy can't be properly expressed in words. Other times, not so:

"People are getting to know my music... keep me in prayer..."

And perhaps those words alone don't say much, until you hear the voice they belong to -- sharp, melodically disciplined; relevant. Only then might you really grasp the degree of humility this guy Nicholas Ryan Gant (The Liberator Magazine 9.1; Live From Planet Earth alum) has. It's that humility that leads a man like this to consistently perfect his vocal instrument -- to be in constant conversation with a greater guidance.

Check him out in these tracks. If you're in Philly, also check him out live in concert this Thursday at our "Southbound" dance party. His debut album Border Breaker is available on iTunes.

Hittin Switches EP (download)

Move f. Baye (Hueman Prophets)






Before The Fall