"The Colour of Beauty" / Behind the scenes w/ director Elizabeth St. Philip

After taking a look at "The Colour of Beauty" documentary here, check out this short interview with the doc's director, Elizabeth St. Philip, as she gives her take on how the fashion industry defines the concept of beauty by providing only marginal exposure for non-white models. A full-time journalist, she also describes what she considers to be the differences and similarities between making a documentary and producing TV news in bringing vital and compelling stories to an audience. Further down in the interview, St. Philip compares the themes of this film with those of her other documentary, "Breakin’ In," which chronicled the challenges faced by black women trying to launch their careers in the hip-hop music video industry. Both films examine the roles of women of color within mass media, but the fashion and music industries are defined by different forces.

{The Face of the Fashion Industry}

{The Color of Our Values}

{Journalist vs. Doc Filmmaker}

{Breakin' In vs. The Colour of Beauty}

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