Charlotte O'Neal: "The Red Cockatoo Feathers" [performance art]

I find this to be not only incredibly creative but also truly unique in concept. I encourage you to set the time aside to watch this uninterrupted. The point appears to be so beyond the point and the only way to experience it is to watch it from beginning to end. You will need 15 minutes, but it will be worth it.

Charlotte Hill O'Neal aka Mama C, debuts Red Cockatoo Feathers at the 14th annual International Poetry Africa Festival in Durban, South Africa. The festival is organized by the Creative Arts Center at University of kwaZulu Natal. The poem explores many subjects including ones right to die and sexuality.

Mama Charlotte Hill O'Neal is a poet and performance artist. Her husband, Mzee Pete O'Neal, was exiled from America as a result of his political activities with the Kansas City Chapter of the Black Panther Party. In 1972, they relocated to Tanzania where they have continued to embody the BPP principles of community organizing every since. In 1991, Mzee Pete O'Neal founded the United African Alliance community Center, a non-profit NGO, for the purpose of providing programs and projects for the enrichment of the Arusha community (both urban and rural), and also to promote the closer ties to communities in America and around the world.

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