Maxwell Addae + Camus' L'Etranger = "Man in the Glass Case" [short film]

"The Man in the Glass Case" is an absurdist film offering by Maxwell Addae, a young writer/director based in Los Angeles.

Addae's Synopsis: "My short is about a very diligent warehouse employee named James who has a unique perspective about life. James sees most things in life as absurd, or pointless and he really operates on a essential needs basis. Food, sleep, companionship, work, etc. He does this so naturally and honestly that when he commits a violent act against a co-worker, he truly has no concept of its significance. This causes trouble when he is confronted and challenged about his morality by his employer. Albert Camus’ beautifully told story The Stranger (L’Etranger) was the inspiration behind my film and helped set the film’s tone." Run time: 19:58