Blitz The Ambassador / "Dear Africa" featuring Les Nubians [audio]

Ghanian-born emcee Blitz The Ambassador will be dropping his new album, Native Sun, this May 2011. Judging from this track and the teaser (shot on location in Ghana with Terrance Nance), it should be worth the wait.

Dear Africa


Artist's statement: "First single, 'Dear Africa' (produced by Optiks & Blitz the Ambassador) opens with Blitz narrating a letter to 'Momma Africa': 'Dear Africa, it's just me, your son.' Featuring sleek Francophone sirens Les Nubians on the chorus (their 'Nu Revolution' is out April 19th), the song is at once an ode to her beauty and history, honest first-hand narrative, roll call of her capital cities and a call for change. Laced with slinky sax, blaring horn lines, west African guitar licks and booming 808s, the song packs a prolific call to the world in under five minutes.

“It’s easy to throw a bunch of elements together, but you have to find points where they intersect,” Blitz explains. “You have to create something so that you can’t tell where the hip hop begins and where the Afrobeat ends, and where highlife stops and future beats start. You have to create a world of equal parts.”

“Native Sun the album is a journey backwards, back through hip hop, the Caribbean soundsystem culture that preceded it, back to its African roots, with the final kora,” notes Blitz. “The film looks forward, to what could be. Both are about the longing for home we feel in the diaspora, and about letting go of old notions and embracing new ideas. The sound in itself speaks to that.”