Weekends, Weekdays & Freedom Time / "Becoming less consumed by external time tables and brain-draining activities which do not build for the future"

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There is a lot of pressure to fill the weekend with things to do. Parties, shopping, restaurants, anything. Stay busy, jam-pack the two days of "rest" before the work or school week begins, again. Besides, the work week is supposed to be focused on your job. And then, the two days at the end of the week are all yours to fill to the brim with everything you really want to do. Problem is, the marketing of weekends leads to more investment in the infrastructure that controls our weekdays.

Life is full of sweet and bitter irony. Especially in our modern world, crafted for the purposes of capital and production. Everything is about money, even time. And so, time is either spent making or spending money, rarely leaving room for the higher level thinking and production that comes from uninterrupted time with and for oneself and one's extended self (family, community, etc.).

I want my weekdays back, so that my weekend can experience more balance. In fact, I want my life and time back. To accomplish this, I am assuming that I will need to decide how I will earn a living and survive in this world. It is also necessary to figure out what I need to survive and what I don't need, and this will probably make my survival tactics much more effective.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where food and shelter are hard to come by. Even with all this space, dependency on real or imagined convenience is enough to halt any movement towards liberation of self. I'll admit, I have not taken the proper steps to achieve the independence I imagine for my future. However, I feel much more inspired to do so than ever before. So much of what I have been programmed to accept is revealing itself to be false and unnecessary. I don't think it has as much to do with giving up all things associated with modernity as it does with simply identifying what aspects of "modernity" are in fact backwards and unproductive.

With that said, I am challenging myself to embrace my own time and organize it around freedom. Working towards a more independent state of being, where I am less consumed by external time tables and brain-draining activities which do not build for the future. Instead, I hope to be more focused and disciplined in how I spend my weekdays and weekends.