Eden Jeffries / "Sow Seeds, Of Strange Fruit" [ode]

{liberatormagazine.com exclusive feature}

{image via Boris Gorelick, 1939}

sow seeds of strange fruit
by Eden Jeffries (Guest Contributor, The Liberator Magazine)

when I die,
bathe me in rain-water.
knead my wounds with
crimson and soil

piece me together
with scavenged neck bones.
contorted and fluid. bury
me whole, beneath a southern poplar tree

when I die
in nightmare chills.
with bursting mouth. I’ll gasp
for air from pooling fire.
stones in my throat. these
puppet joints that twist
and grind. will break the noise,
and burning eye lids
will salt. and swell

when I die,
in falling arms
and marrow