"Surrendering your partner-obsession ... the true grace of friendship" / Marianne Williamson's musings on imtimacy

Musings on Intimacy
by Marianne Williamson

(SOURCE: Self Magazine, April 1993)

Intimacy: The state of being in very close contact, association or familiarity.

The purpose of intimate love is to find a partner you can grow with -- past the barriers that keep love out -- to the center of the universe that exists inside us all. Getting past these barriers, the walls that surround our hearts, takes work. This is the work of personal growth: forgiveness, acceptance, release, and faith.

There is a huge difference between getting a partner, and attracting one. Getting implies that our “hooks” work. When we try to get a partner, we increase our chances of getting the wrong one. Attracting means that our light is bright and appears as a beacon to the person who is meant to see it. We attract love when we intensify our connection to the spirit inside of us; we take responsibility for the energy around us, harmonizing it in such a way that those who come toward our light -- those we sense we are meant to be with -- connect with us out of pure intent.

Surrendering your partner-obsession is a great release and allows more room for love -- and intimacy -- to enter. Try to be friends with your partner. Don’t underestimate the true grace of friendship. When we truly love, we love from the bottom of all souls, from our source, from the center of things, from God. To say “I love you” and to mean it is the same thing as saying, “God bless you.”