ACME / Why Not? [ep/mix]

Why Not? (download)

Last Friday night, I ventured out to a house party to see live music and party like the 19-year-old I am decidedly not. I also had an ulterior motive; mainly to see a certain boy who did turn out to be there but that is not the point of this post. No, I'm here to tell you about the creative high I got from seeing the band ACME perform that night. The whole performance was very The Doors. Soulful. Loud. Dark. Sweaty. Exhilarating. The lead singer and guitarist, Cheakaity Brown, had the crowd in his thrall and watching them perform "We Got The Love" with the speakers turned to 11 was a real treat (their performance literally blew out the speakers. If you can, buy their album so they can pay for a new set.) You won't regret this download.

All Along In Love

We Got The Love

Be Thankful