The strange fruit in Georgia tonight / "More macabre than anything on tv"

"I regard it as a legalized lynching ... first of all Mr. Davis, very bravely, in the morally upright fashion he's always conducted himself with around me, said to them, without equivocation, that he didn't kill officer MacPhail ... he didn't even have a gun on him ... and had nothing to do with officer MacPhail's death ... that he urged people to go deeper into this case ... so they can see two things ... that Troy Davis did not kill officer MacPhail ... but that he wants folks to ... bring about the end of the death penalty ... It's worse than any film experience, more macabre than anything on tv."
-Mr. Davis' lawyer

"Troy Davis maintains his innocence in his last statement before execution"
-Washington Post

The scene was both "macabre" and "grotesque" just two and a half years after the stunning video of Oscar Grant being killed in Oakland, both because of the action being carried out and the spectacle made of it. As Amy Goodman reported "live from death row" I couldn't help but think of Grant. This, the antithesis to Jay-Z's 31st century futuristic fly shit.

Eden Jeffries / "Sow Seeds, Of Strange Fruit" [ode]

"Troy Davis, I have been where you are"
-Lawrence Hayes, Saved from death row, used to do drops on drug spots in his neighborhood

"This is DemocracyNow."
-Amy Goodman (live at

"We are believe in America. We believe in the justice system ... We are a praying people ... and we're so grateful tonight."
-Roslyn Brock, NAACP Chairwoman, Response after an early rumor was circulated that Davis was granted a stay of execution

"The coroner's van will be coming out shortly ... media will be able to move up and get video of that van."
-Prison official announcing the 11:08 pm death of Troy Davis

"Everyday we lose people in it, but we stay committed to the spirit of a country that says no one like Troy Davis is gonna happen again ... Look at the kind of human they killed. It will be one of those spirits that we talk about for the rest of our lives ... as we move toward, not only the total abolition of the death penalty, but also to an America we can believe in as far as human rights ... I had stayed away from ... If you see how grotesque this gets, I don't even think Rick Perry would want to attest to a sight like this ... the lawyers shouldn't put that on themselves, but on the system ... I think we should not look at this as the death of the truth ... we cannot honor him if we let people forget about him ... he will usher in a new stage in the abolition movement ... people, including his family, with continue fighting forever ... this is an abolition of something evil, like slavery ... that cannot be defended in any way shape or form ... Capital punishment is usually on page 30 ... I think it's a grotesque act that we invite people in to see this ... I think the Supreme Court wanted to come out of this looking as if this was something so evil that they had to take time out to consider it finally."
-Amnesty International spokesman, Post-execution interview on Democracy Now

Thank you very much, as we go out with Billie Holiday, "Strange Fruit". [Thanks news team], and all the folks that made this broadcast possible. I'm Amy Goodman, live from death row in Jackson, Georgia [fade to Ms. Holiday].
-Amy Goodman

"Digital Age Drives Rally to Keep a Georgia Inmate From Execution"
-NY Times

"everybody know niggas aint gon do SHIT but complain about this troy davis shit on protests, no riots. RFT"

"This Troy Davis story is so sad.. There will def b some riots cuz people r furious."