On the Allure of the Light-Skinned Woman

Regardless of all the talk surrounding the post-racial America, the nigga still drools at the sight of the the light-skinned form. Green or light brown eyes, long hair, voluptuousness only add to the enigmatic seduction of yellowness. After trudging through the hot chocolate desert of darker women we arrive exhausted at the Yellow Oasis, anxious to drink the bath water of the yellowbone.

How does the yellow form arrest us even into the 21st century? It must finally be acknowledged here that most light-skinned women possess defects that would automatically disqualify their darker skinned sisters. Short hair, hairy arms, crooked teeth, bad proportions are all more likely to be forgiven when the skin tone is bright. Even the cardinal sin of 'no backshot' is forgiven when we come to bow at the foot of the yellowbone.

The post-racial project is not a matter for white people to consider until niggas can forfeit the notion that all light-skinned women are inherently gorgeous.

{liberatormagazine.com exclusive feature}