The Freaky Baby Daddies

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Brooklyn Stand Up: The Freaky Baby Daddies
by Nia Smith (Intern, The Liberator Magazine)

It was simply one of those New York summer nights where you just had to be there. It was good friends and jokes you had to lean in to tell. A bottle of plum wine and shared plastic cups. Dim lighting, soundproof walls, legs crossed on floors, and sweat drenched tuxedo shirts.

The conjuring of Fela:

The summoning of Juno. A shoutout to Betty:

An ode to Dante:

It was everything your 12-year-old self could have imagined about what it means to be young, gifted, and black. The awareness that your 24-year-old self just witnessed the mystic, funk driven, head nodding alchemy of sound right before your very eyes.

And that was only the rehearsal.

Formed earlier this year, The Freaky Baby Daddies are a four piece Brooklyn-based band. Consisting of Aakhu Ali (aka General Jux) on vocals, Martell Brown (aka Money Mclovin') on bass, Olatunji Ojore (aka Sweet Daddy Magic) on drums, and Johan Vargas (aka Juan De La Nooch) on guitar, the FBDs musical influences range from afrobeat, to rock, to reggae, to hip-hop. And the name? To the possible dismay of all you Maury fans out there, the name references the band's creation of their own sound: a freaky funky genre which they like to refer to as "heat beat." The name is also a nod to another musically eclectic Brooklyn native 末 the mighty Mos Def Yasiin Bey.

If you can catch them live playing "Mojojo" somewhere soon, be prepared to sweat, cause they bring the heat.