"Michael Jordan dun gon back down ta Carolina and the countdown to the 2020 census" / The Michael Jordan Theory EP

Miami's Ghostwridah delivers some holiday cheer to a music inbox, quite honestly, often filled with mediocrity. With the free Michael Jordan Theory EP, Ghost speaks the same triumphant energy Ross, T.I., Kanye, Jay-Z, and Jeezy are pushing, but he avoids cliche by using one of the greatest historical icons of his lifetime as his muse for the entire EP. Full of nostalgic 90s memories of the great one built over some bangers, this concise 5-track project is creative, refreshing, and damn good. If the Third Great Migration (see below) is real, this project, speaking volumes to his ability to inspire and lead, might place Big Carolina-to-Chicago-to-Carolina Mike ("I was a anti-Carolina guy") firmly in the Washingtonian legacy.

The Michael Jordan Theory EP (download)

Buzzer Beater
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The United Center Intro
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Third Great Migration Might be in Progress: African-Americans return to their Southern roots

Now there's a massive reverse migration of blacks back to ... "their Southern roots." Between 2000 and 2010, for instance, Florida’s African-American population grew by 587,000, Georgia’s by 579,000, and North Carolina’s by 297,000. [...] "It’s all about quality of life," Mike Morton told USA Today. "When I visit New York now, it’s culture shock. I don’t hear car horns down here. As soon as you get to New York, you’re hearing thousands of them." [...] Some African-Americans tell interviewers that they moved back - or to the South for the first time - for warmer weather, to distance themselves from high urban crime, to reunite with southern relatives or to take advantage of lower home prices and taxes. (source)

» Blacks Heading South, Leaving The City

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