Black tea + half and half

my grandmother is me, just not diluted.
so i know what i’m talking about when i order the ogbono soup with special, yet ignorable instructions to make sure the goat is british-appropriate tender (my teeth are not as carnivorous as they used to be).

we’re the same you know…me and her, and everyone prior. brown ish black complexion. slightly receding hairline. a tendency to neuroses, somewhat bony. with that hereditary Sika trademark that makes our lower central incisors crooked when the molars come in:

‘dear Ma, against societal standards of beauty i refused reformative procedures just to be closer to you and our kind. i even returned my hair back to its natural state. i did it for you.

i’m very sorry about the freckles.
they came from outer space.
they are nothing like you at all.

{ exclusive feature}
by Ruby Amanze

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