Love on Three Legs

Better than my last, and if this lasts it’s for the better. Yesterday was my past, and my present is my forever. Felt the hurt before. Felt ignored before. Felt the feeling of not having any feeling and the trap of being trapped, flying in a room that has a short ceiling. But my present has presented me with the presence of escape. The gift of life in love, to live without the fear of being me. Lessens the fear losing me. The hope to love with the hope of you completing me… completely. Love is like a dial tone. Hoping that the ringing lasts so that I could hear your voice before the sound of the beep. Or waking up to your voice as we fell asleep on the phone, as we spoke from dust to dawn. The silence between us, never felt so orchestrated. This love is not inflated, infatuated nor still, but it moves. Began to crawl on all fours and now it stands tall on two. Hoping we both grow old as we both walk on three. As I maybe someday can continue to be your 3rd leg and you can be my 3rd leg.

Mohamed Ibrahim is the son of Somali immigrants to the U.S. Born in Sana, Yemen, he attends Augsburg College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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by Mohamed Ibrahim

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