Stalley / Savage Journey to the American Dream {ep/mix}

Savage Journey to the American Dream (download)

Info: "What role is Rick Ross playing in your life right now? ... "He’s like a big brother, a mentor, a friend. He’s just someone who believes in me like I believe in myself. And just to have him being the hottest artist in the game right now and having the best label in the game right now. For me to be the new guy, and the new artist that nobody really knows about — even Meek [Mill] and Wale had some sort of history where people knew who they were even before MMG. But me, I’m kinda out of nowhere like, “Who is this guy?” So for him to believe in me and see that is just a beautiful thing. He plays that role of just believing, and that’s all I ever needed.… It’s all about that opportunity, that’s like when you play ball. It’s like, ‘put me in the game coach, I’m ready to play.’ And if they see you, they know you on the team, they see you do the warm-ups, and they see that you got a little game, but they don’t know until you get out on the court. So now, March 30 is my time to get out on the court. And when I’m out there, people gonna see me shining. That’s all I need. I don’t need no handouts, I don’t need no help, just put me in front of the people and they’ll believe."" (source)

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