Groove De Lá {ep/mix}

Info: "DJ, music researcher, and collector of vinyl, Ju Salty began her advances in sound at the end of 2006 and from then to now has spun alternative in the best houses of Sao Paulo. Black music of the world are her influences: From seeds collected from African musicality that spread to the rest of the world, from jazz to samba, funk to soul, Latin music to Candomblé, everything coalesces in the same pot in their sound..."

Groove De Lá (download)

01.Manu Dibango – New Bell (Camarões)
02.The S.A. Move – Skophom (Africa do Sul)
03.Albino – Jing Bong Wah (EUA)
04.Lafayette Afro Rock – The Gap (EUA e França)
05.Orlando Julius – Afro Instrumental (Nigéria)
06.Marijata - Bualc Through (Gana)
07.Fanga – Crache La Douleur (França)
08.Antibalas – Who Is This America Dem Speak Of Today? (EUA)
09.The Boogoos – Theme For Issac Kirya (Alemanha)
10.Mahotella Queens– Wozani Mahipi (Africa do Sul)
11.Ebo Taylor – Victory (Gana)
12.3rd Generation Band – Obiye Saa Wui (Togo)
13.The Daktaris – Musicawi Silt (EUA)
14.Rob – Read The Bible (Gana)
15.The Mebusas – Son Of Me Bull Dog (Nigéria)
16.Osibisa – Somaja (Inglaterra)
17.Tony Allen & Jimi Tenor – Against The Wall (Nigeria e Finlandia)
18.Mulatu Astatke & Heliocentrics – Cha Chá (Etiopia e Inglaterra)

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