On (r)evolution

Activist-scholars Grace Lee Boggs and Angela Davis explored and (re)defined the concept and practice of revolution at the kickoff to UC Berkeley's Empowering Women of Color Conference, held in March 2012.

"To re-imagine revolution is an opportunity and a challenge to all of us..And I see my visit to as an opportunity to spark that discussion among many people. I think the question of how we make our livings is a very crucial question today. It can't be answered only in material terms. People are also asking, 'How do we make a life that's worth living?' I think profound philosophical questions are at stake."

"...it’s in fact when we stop marching and are left to truly deal with each other, that we begin to move."

-Grace Lee Boggs

"Love is part of what unites us in an interdependence politics."
-Angela Davis

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