Nasimiyu / "Rules Aren't Real" (Go forth, without fear / With only the primal sense of love to keep you on course.)

{ exclusive feature}

Nasimiyu Murumba offered us the chance to premiere her video for "Rules Aren't Real" and we took it.

Creative statement: "Self-taught composer/vocalist Nasimiyu brings forth her eclectic musicality with the dynamic force of her backing band, The Many Moons. These songs extend beyond the bounds of genre-specific classification, fluently slipping in and out of different stylistic tongues, to embody an over all sound that is imaginatively fearless, vivaciously timeless, and colorfully untameable."

Nasimiyu - piano/vocals 
Mike Robbins - bass 
Adam Baumol - drums 
Travis Blotsky - bari sax 
Jeremy Phipps/Jessica Hester/Jordan Koppens - background vocals

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