Jessica Kaya / Imperfections {ep/mix}

Imperfections (download)

Info: Main musical inspirations: "To continue to make the music that is in my heart. To find partnership with the right producers/song writers/label etc who can take my talent, and help me to develop it so that I can tap into my highest potential..So that I can make the music that will quiet my extremely insatiable, critical inner voice."


When did you fall in love with music?: "My mom tells me I kicked in the womb while she was pregnant with me, when she played piano. As a real young child around 4 or so,I remember being just haunted, entirely moved and filled with longing, when I would hear my mom play piano and sing late at night. I can remember hearing Nina Simones “Wild is the Wind” when I was around 11, and being floored with the ache in her voice, I felt understood and confirmed and inspired – like I knew I had to ache on music like that. When my father would play the conga’s over a Santana or Gypsy King record, it made everything inside of me move, and it made me love him which wasn’t something I otherwise ever felt."


Where does music stand in your life?: "Music is the world that I can make sense of, and feel like I make sense in. Music fills the time and spaces that bare down on me, when left emtpy. Music is the human experience that I’m for sure I’m down for, and made for. I’m not fully sold on all the other experiences, so far."


"I have an EP release called Imperfections coming up. I have a lot of raw song idea material & demos that are unfinished and I don’t feel should make the cut of my LP, but after sharing them with Fashion Artist & Creative Director Sean Brown, he suggested I release some of the songs as they are; Raw, Unedited, Imperfections. Together we are releasing this project in early 2011. If the right elements fall into place, I’ll be working on a LP for 2011 Fall/Winter."

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