Naja Presents / "The captured essence of moment to moment metaphor."

Naja is cool, mayne. A poet, singer and songwriter, she hosts multiple open mic joints down here in Atlanta. At the last one, the owners of Marlee's Coffee and Tea House allowed it to push past the cut-off time because, well, church was being had. Djembes. Rhymes. Guitars. Violins. Lyrics. Ad libs. Bridges. Breakdowns. Freestyles. Freeform. All manner of good speech and sound. All praises due to the hostess for creating a stir. Her online open mic production, "Naja Presents," is her latest effort toward extending the in-real-life convos. "Simple. Candid. Beautiful. The captured essence of moment to moment metaphor. This is the feel I try to inspire..." she says. Enjoy.

{Episode 1}

{Episode 2}

{Episode 3}

{Episode 4}

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