"Graffiti & Underground Reggae in Barcelona"

At the recent Decolonizing Knowledge workshop in Barcelona, Spain, our partner Fela also documented the graffiti scene and a bit of the black experience there. "It was an interesting experience," he notes. We're reminded that though we may find some, from behind the lens in a colonialist state, it may not be easy to find as much as we look for in the open. Here, Fela's work offers a subtle, ironic reminder that, especially for us, there is sometimes more history located at the "frontier" than in the middle of an administered "great city": "It was a culture shock for me when I noticed that Barcelona is not that diverse in relation to [what] we have here in the San Francisco bay area."

Graffiti & Underground Reggae in Barcelona

{liberatormagazine.com exclusive feature}
by Bobby Fela Seals

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