"Red, Bike, and Green" in Oakland & "Decolonizing in Spain"

Fela hit us up out of those proverbial primordial, dark waters one day. And, really, he was in Oakland all this time holding it down in a parallel universe moving in the same direction as us. His words are shared below, in part, to provide context to the two photo sets he recently sent us: "Red, Bike, and Green" from the annual Black August bike ride in Oakland (and other cities); and "Decolonizing in Spain" from a workshop in Barcelona for scholars working on decolonizing knowledge. We're proud to present his "texts" here because they are parts of broad, ongoing work (included in our mission) to (re)link sites in the African Diaspora through education and the resurrection of knowledge. It is the incomplete, connected, continuous nature of this work that makes us look forward confidently into the known-unknown future. In that way, his words also illustrate the "journey as destination," which we know to be true.

Fela: "First and foremost I would like to thank you for the beautiful work you and the Liberator family are doing. It is inspiring to see and read liberatory discourse in our problematical times and spaces. If possible I would like to contribute some of the work I'm involved in locally as well as abroad in regards to movements of resistance, liberation and consciousness. I am a full-time doctoral candidate that is dedicated to the African Diasporic cause and our emancipation from the hegemonic powers-that-be, which continues to unleash its monolithic rathe on the Third World peoples through practices of exploitation, domination and displacement. In the field of socio-cultural anthropology, I will have the opportunity to continue the legacies of Zora Neale Hurston, Amiri Baraka (i.e. my son & I will be seeing him in Oakland tonight) and other intellectual Black critical thinkers dedicated to anthropological discourse to re-write / right the historical wrongness that has been written on us by biased anthropological trajectories. Besides being a full-time Ph.D. student, I am a full-time father, lecturer, scholar / activist, deejay, musician, photographer, and soon-to-be documentary filmmaker. I'm currently working on projects abroad in South Africa, Zimbabwe and Tanzania. I will be heading to these places this coming summer to work on my literacy project. Locally, I'm working with non-profit groups that are deeply dedicated to uplifting our marginalized communities in Oakland, San Francisco, and San Jose. Moreover, attempting to mobilize and protest peacefully against the previous absurd verdict of the Mehserle case for the murder of Oscar Grant. Yet, If you haven't heard, he might only do 6 to 8 months for killing a human being that was face-down on the concrete. I am also working with groups that are in solidarity with external groups that are diligently working to free innocent prisoners on death row or serving life for fighting for the rights of historically disenfranchised and systematically marginalized [...]

I would like to share some of my experiences and testimonials with you, Liberator family, and the world, that I've collected and still continue to collect on a daily basis. I was recently in Cuba conducting research on the problematics that the Afro-Cuban Rastafarians are facing from the Cuban government. They are being constantly persecuted for their personal and spiritual beliefs. [...] Ironically, many of us African Diasporans don't really know that we have brothers and sisters in these spaces throughout the Western hemisphere. It is a intricately complex paradox that we live in. Through my academic and activist ventures, I hope to critically expose the African Diasporic experience to the world, particularly Black folks, and hopefully it will cultivate capacities that will [bring] Black people closer to their Blackness and appreciate our Black Subjectivities.

In essence - staying conscious, educating the youth, and staying interconnected with our communities on the periphery is what I'm all about. This inevitability of formulating solidarity and sharing knowledges keeps the fiya burning within my spirit. Giving absolute voice to the voiceless communities locally and abroad is a life-long journey that I yearn for daily that I hope to do what W.E.B. DuBois stated, "to inspire (our people) and agitate (the hegemonic powers) and even imprecate."

[...] I was exposed to the Liberator back in 2007 when visiting fam in Chi-town. I coped the "Liberator 6.2 #18" i think at a record shop on the south side of Chi. I still have it in my stack of conscious reads.

[...] I'm just a hungry brother that is hungry to expose the world to consciousness, liberation, and cultural agency. Moreover, I would like to show the world the beauty and gracefulness of the African Diasporic experience. I see the Liberator as one of those unparalleled, indispensable and crucial magazines that, in essence, is dedicated to giving voice to the voiceless. Also, the Liberator provides the reader with testimonials and critical discourse [...] Thank you for challenging the status quo and going against the grain. I look forward to hearing from you.

In Solidarity,
Fela Amiri Uhuru (aka Bobby Seals)"

Red, Bike, and Green

Decolonizing in Spain

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