"The American House" (a history lesson)

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The American House (a history lesson)
by Bob McNeil

This is the dining room where America served
red apple pie indigenous people,
white bread Euro-Peons,
deep-fried African hides,
with other delicacies like baked Japanese,
Korean breeds, as well as Vietnamese,
and the Middle East blood feast.

This is the guest room where America lodged plutocrats—
fat with carbuncles of capitalism
and refused to shelter those who couldn’t,
wouldn’t get off their classes.

This is the bedroom where America freely defiled the environment,
Its own government and third world nations.
Also, America considered sodomizing the stars with space stations.

This is the bathroom where America crapped upon the poor,
swimming in society’s waste
and America forcefully flushed
sending paupers on a subterranean sojourn.

This American house was attacked by winged death.
This American house found holes in the walls of its economy.
This American house creaks due to a weak foundation.
This American house is in need of renovations.

Bob McNeil recalls, at the age of six, that A Child’s Garden of Verses planted a seed in his mental soil. Now, since the autumn of adulthood has descended upon him, McNeil feels his harvest came in the form of a tenure as Poetry Editor for BLACFAX and the publication of his two books, Secular Sacraments and The Nubian Gallery, A Poetry Anthology. McNeil was influenced by Whitmanesque exuberance and the Imagists. And even after all of these years of being a professional illustrator, actor and writer, he still hopes to express and address the needs of the human mosaic.