The Last Generation of Black People

2012, New York: The Liberator Magazine.
ISBN 9780991108404
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Table Of Contents:
» Editor's Note
(by Brian Hughes Kasoro / Minneapolis, MN:USA)

» For the Sake of Sanity
(by Stephanie Joy Tisdale / Philadelphia, PA:USA)

» Realities We Otherwise Would Never Know
(by Brian Hughes Kasoro / Brooklyn, NY:USA)

» On Aesthetic Reasoning In Africana Studies
(by Josh Myers / Philadelphia, PA:USA)

» The Case of Hip-Hop
(by Michael J. Wilson / Brooklyn, NY:USA)

» Outsider Music: Willis Earl Beal and the Real Blues
(by Brian Kupillas / Fayatteville, AR:USA)

» I'm in the Band
(by Nira Minniefield / Houston, TX:USA)

» Nat Turner: God's Instrument of Vengeance
(by Vagabond Beaumont / New Rochelle, NY:USA)

» Reflections on African (American) Adulthood in an Object Permanence Culture
(by Adisa Ajamu / Long Beach, CA:USA)

» The Children of Injustice (book excerpt)
(by Ruth Auguste / Vancouver: Canada)

» (art) Rap Music and Gold Teeth
(by Fletcher Williams / New York, NY:USA)

» The Percussive Approach
(by Sherese Francis / Hollis, NY:USA)

» The Last Mask: An Ekphrasis of Papua's Masquerade Kamoro
(by Mia R. Keeys / Jakarta: Indonesia)

» "Dude, you're the Whitest Black man I've ever met."
(by Khaya Maseko / Johannesburg: South Africa)

» The Rise and Inevitable Liberation of the Black Creative Class
(by Robert Bland / Hyattsville, MD:USA)

» Beautyful Radiant Things
(by Taryn Jeanie Mackay / Johannesburg: South Africa)

» Notes from the Nobodies
(by Jessica Porter and Jeanette E. Toomer / Brooklyn, NY:USA)

» A Prince Remembers A King Named Oliver In Exile
(by Shawn Chandler Bingham / Tampa, FL:USA)

» Speaking Truth to Perceived Power
(by Vanessa May / Los Angeles, CA:USA)

» I Bet You Thought Her Life Was About You (Ms. Lauryn Hill)
(by Krystal Nylle Roberts / Atlanta, GA:USA)

» Heathen Songs of the Natives
(by Charles Nhamo Rupare / Johannesburg, South Africa)

» Afro-America at the Crossroads: Ritual Ethnogenesis
(by Shayla Monroe / Memphis, TN:USA)

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