Rico Simòn Mendez aka DJ Don Cuco / El Curandero {ep/mix}

For those who are ready to dive in to this project after reading Rico's statement below, just press play. For those who may have doubts, I find "Canela" to be the most brilliant argument, among 4 other brilliant pieces, for this album.

Statement: "El Curandero is a story of healing the spirit through sound, vision, meditation, love, and gratitude. Blending natural indigenous instruments with digital sound design, a balance is created with the sacred ancient and the future. El Curandero is a timeless journey of harmonious soundscapes. Throughout history indigenous cultures have used voice and instruments made of natural materials to give a nurturing feeling to the human spirit, and to create sound and song for healing, prayer, and meditation. This album was written with the intention of triggering the spirit and to invoke a feeling of peace and surrender. Let go of your consciousness, and journey into a healing and loving place. Spirit to spirit, heart to heart.... Music is medicine to heal."

El Curandero (download)