Josephine Baker / "The First Black Superstar" & "Final TV Interview"

"It's like phalluses stimulated by female agency. You can look at it from the outside and think, oh this is just a shake dancer. But from the inside, it's this incredible female personality that is in possession of the male."

"In a way, Josephine Baker was the black woman every white guy could fantasize about sleeping with. She certainly had that function in France, for French men. Because this image of the available, smiling, not-menacing, not-dangerous, not-voodoo practicing black woman had been present in French literature for some time, because it went with French colonialism."

"She exported the Harlem Renaissance to Europe."

Description: "Classic video clips of Josephine Baker with compelling commentary on her life and career."

Description: "The last television interview with Baker (1975). She discusses her revue at the Bobino & her family. She passed a few days after this."

Originally Posted 6/2013

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