In THIS spirit, The Liberator Magazine recently completed its call for rigorous submissions — including visual art, essays, letters, instructions, critique, announcements, prayers, lyrics, fiction, and poetry — for our forthcoming volume, "GOOD SPEECHES", an intergenerational conversation of ancestors, ourselves, and the not-yet-born.

We are making a second call solely for visual artworks, currently existing or created for this publication, that speak to or further challenge the dialogue of this multi-generational conversation. We look forward to reviewing all portfolios submitted on or before our deadline of December 6. Visit "ABOUT" page for contact information and guidelines.

Nikki Pressley (Editor, Art Director)
& The Liberator Magazine Staff

"What rescued me from death’s embrace was the magic of friendship. Friends came to me, and did not let despair devour me. Their whispered words were balm for my bruised soul, yet for months I was not ready to hear them. When at last, my ears opened, this is what I heard: "Remember the departed, yes; but do not forget the living." The friends said: "We are still here. We mourn with you; but after mourning, listen to our pleading and come to us. We want you to live, with us." Those words pulled me out of the hole into which my stunned spirit crept. I did not forget the pain of death but I followed where the living led. On the voyage of friendship, surprise gave me to delightful surprise. My friends gave me unsuspected keys to life. Each opens a door into knowledge. Each brings new reasons for continuing effort. That is how I came to the house of life" (pg. 22).
— Ayi Kwei Armah in Kmt: In the House of Life. 2002.

"Kemetic educational wisdom begins with the assertion that "no one is born wise"; therefore, proper education consists of passing on the "speeches of those who listened" to the "counsels of the ancestors." This is done through "Good Speech" [Mdw Nfr] in which the children are to be instructed. In other words, one learns to speak “Good Speech” through listening to "Good Speech." Thus, "listening is good" and a duty. The teaching of "Good Speech" through good speaking is also a duty for those who know. Good Speech is therefore an intergenerational conversation which began "sp tpy," i.e. on the first occasion when existence began. This discourse is the memory of the nation and in a substantial sense, it is the nation itself."
— Dr. Jacob Carruthers translating the words of the ancient Kemetic interpretation of awareness in Mdw Ntr: Divine Speech. 1995.; an African analysis of key classical African texts from the ancient civilizations of the Nile Valley

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