"We Out Here" (2012) x Interview with Mitchell Ware, director / "Skateboarding fits, no one cares ... We had to start immersing ourselves in other cultures at a young age"

Q: Where are you from and where'd you do your growing up?

Chicago, grew up South of the Loop in Bronzeville.

Q: Where do you stay now?

Red Hook, Brooklyn

Q: All black and white... no narrator.. What and who most inspired your aesthetic and structural narrative choices?

Gordon Parks, Jay-Z. We thought about a narrator originally, but realized the people in the film were charismatic enough to carry it. I also think Jessica Forsyth from Harold Hunter Foundation almost narrates the film, she really breaks it down.

Q: How, in what ways, do you relate to Keith?

Keith is Strong, he doesn't let his day to day affect his personality. He inspires me because the guy is never not positive, which makes him a leader.

Q: How much hope do you find in folks like Rob, Jessica, and Alex? And are they redeeming characters to you personally?

I have complete faith in all 3 of them, How far they have come, and what they have accomplished to date is a testimonial to their Strength. They have all managed to turn negative situations in their lives into Passion projects. Books, Companies, Foundations. Anyone that can do that, I can learn from.

Q: As a new york city veteran, what's your advice to Keith and the crew?

Haha, they are more Veteran than me. I've lived here for a decade, they were born here. They are spearheads of a booming movement. As long as they continue to do positive things and stay focused, God's plan for them will always open doors.

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